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Level Up Your Research speed in 3 hours
Understand the principles of modern Fiber Tracing, use our GUI to get stuff done
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Created by German Professionals

In a rapidly changing enviroment, there is no time to loose. Use the software created by German Professionals

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Milly Johns
Research Lead at Hovords Enterprise

“I was stuck doing the same task over and over again, to get good results, now I can do other stuff and let Finta do this stuff

Kelly Johnson
Bachelor of Science

Took me 2 hours to get my first great results.

Bred Millson
Chariman Softwarescience

“Researchstrategy calls for a broad understanding of multiple channels, this GUI covered everything I needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.

three hours of focused learning, but you can always break it down to smaller segments and just do some basics, then it will be blazing fast.

A team of digital specialists and experts have composed this software based on current tactics and their real-world professional experience. Everyone of them has archived at least the bachelor of science.

You will learn how each major digital channel functions, how to build multi-channel campaigns and the basics of conversion optimization. These pillars of marketing can easily boost your ROI considerably.
If your experience is focused on a single marketing channel or a single type of activity, yes! Learning how the rest of your marketing ecosystem works can yield great results and optimization opportunities.
At this time the course is available only in the English language, with a focus on US and EU marketing ecosystems.

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